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turnkey projects

partnership service program (psp)

Project managers deliver a detailed project plan with a clear cost data analysis overview to each client. Consultants work closely with each client to develop the best plan for implementing a clearly defined design and construction process.

From planning to completion and delivery, our management team oversees every step of each construction phase.

Fulgore Construction provides a professional team of contractors and subcontractors for complete turnkey construction services. Our teams are cross-trained, providing flexibility and responsiveness for timely turnkey solutions.

Fulgore Construction offers a variety of services focused on each client’s expectations. Clients take comfort in knowing that their project is fully managed by our experienced maintenance team.

We have an extensive industry experience and knowledge that we apply to our services with every project. Our team has the ability to take your ideas and make them your new workspace. Our collaborative working environment creates opportunity for our experts to discover cost reduction, material suggestions & cost reductions; our expertise when picking material for cost reduction – cost reduction alternatives during the planning phase.


















Our reputation for approaching every stage of the construction process with integrity and professionalism is what sets us apart.


Fulgore Construction  operates on the team concept. We are comprised of professional, skilled and experience staff and field team members who have established a standard of excellence. We perform commercial, industrial and institutional projects involving new buildings, expansions and renovations.


 As a general contractor, we oversee the overall planning, coordination and management of each project. By developing an interactive relationship with clients, we ensure clear communication through leading industry project management and accounting software that keeps everyone up-to-date on questions, resolutions and progress in real time. This team approach is the basis for our hands-on, proactive approach which is our key to our client’s satisfaction that has resulted in long-term relationships. We strive to deliver excellence in quality craftsmanship at every stage of the construction project.

construction project management

schedule control

project cycle

quality control (tqm)

Construction scheduling is a fluid process that stretches from our earliest involvement until successful completion of the punch list. Through our cloud-based system, we develop a collaborative, customized schedule that is broken down into smaller detailed tasks to track specific project components, inspection points and milestone completion and signoffs.


We continually assess the progress to ensure the project remains on schedule while allowing for flexibility. The schedule serves as a communication tool keeping all up to date on the status of the project. This helps minimize unexpected cost and increases ease of mind for our clients. Fulgore Construction believes that staying on site as long as necessary and finishing the punch list promptly without sacrificing quality is critical to client satisfaction, partnership enhancement, and a positive reference.

From project Initiation and  Planning to Implementation/Execution, and Closing phases Fulgore Construction provides full management and responsibility for the project utilizing best-in-class industry tools and standards of project management.

“We place high value on

strengthening communication

streams and

 synchronizing strategic work flow

for efficient results”.

Fulgore Construction takes quality very seriously. To ensure the we provide our clients with a quality project, we prepare and implement a Total Quality Management (TQM) plan in collaboration with the owner, the design team and field supervisors that includes protocols for: communication, coordination, design verification, revision/change control, baseline schedule, schedule management, field inspections, and non-conformance tracking and resolution.


Depending on the project the plan may also include environmental compliance review, quality control testing, verification sampling, reporting, and independent assurance. Fulgore Construction goal is 100 percent compliance with the contract documents for the project. To reach that goal, we also mandate the same performance from our consultants, subcontractors and vendors.

...every single aspect of the project is managed

by one company.

One of our core strengths is having the ability to coordinate and communicate clearly with all parties involved in the project. We use construction industry software that quickly transfers information from the office to the job site, ensuring staff members and subcontractors always have the latest updates and resolutions on hand. Project managers ensure that the client is aware of these progress updates in real time.


 Clients prefer to delegate the entire construction project under one roof so that they can focus on their daily operations and not become distracted with an entirely new process.

 This means that every single aspect of the project is managed by one company.


Fulgore Construction takes great pride in walking clients through the entire construction process. From planning/design to executing the project, we create smooth transitions for all parties throughout the entire process.

We arrive with a “can do” approach to meet

24/7 work schedules.

Experience tells us that our clients consistently need additional minor construction services to existing environments as our client’s needs change over time due to fluctuations in their markets.  That’s where our partnership comes into play and why we are here for you.  By joining our PSP and utilizing our services after your initial project is completed your company can leverage additional cost efficiencies and may be eligible for discounts with our PSP.  Your company mitigates the risk to existing facilities by relying on Fulgore Construction experience with and knowledge of your company’s existing facilities.


Plus, you save the additional costs of going through the arduous process of researching, vetting and selecting multiple general contracting vendors.  In addition, you save the cost of ramp up time required for each new contractor to become familiar with your business and your needs. Fulgore Construction PSP allows your building management to focus on their daily operations.

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